English in Global Chat. (Game & Discord Server)
As this is an English speaking server, we do not allow any other languages to be spoken in Global Chat. If you wish to speak to someone in any language, you can use the /pm or /c commands. Also do not use CAPS in messages. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a server mute.

No Hate Speech / Racism. (Game & Discord Server)
We have a zero tolerance policy against Racism. Therefore, if you fail to abide by this rule, it will result in mute or even a ban.

No Hacking / Bug Abuse. (Game Server)
We do not allow any form of Cheats/Hacks on any of our servers. If you are caught cheating/hacking, you will be banned. Any form of exploitation (for example Building insideof foundations) is also strictly forbidden and will result in a ban.

Be respectful to our Staff & Community. (Game & Discord Server)
We try our best to promote a safe/clean playing environment for our Server. Therefore, we do not tolerate any form of disrespect towards our Staff & Players. Failure to abide by this Rule could result in a mute or even a ban.

SIL command: Only place pictures on your own sign. Any nude or 18+ pictures will cause a removal of your VIP. (You will not be refund).

Do not send private message to Staff Members in game or in Discord Send it in global chat or tag them with @staff in discord, he/she will answer as soon as possible. You do not have to spam them.

If a staff member mute, kick or ban you and you believe that was wrong you can post a thread on our forum or send a message in our Discord. If you spam about this you will be ignored.

If you have been muted/banned once you can always be muted/banned again. Staff members have the right to mute you again if you break any kind of rule.

Staff Members are allowed to mute you up to 3 days and ban you up to 7 days.