VIPs Changes/New Server

VIPs Changes

From today we merged the Packages for both our servers.

That’s mean if you buy VIP on x1000 Server you will have VIP on x5 Server too, but not with same perms. Each Server has own Ranks. You can read more about that in Store page.

If you have already bought a Package on x1000 or on x5 Server you will not take it on both servers.

If you want to have it on both Servers you have to rebuy it at half price if you have bought it after 15th of September, send a PM to the Owner to take this discount.

If you have won a Package from Giveaway you will not take it on both servers.

x5 Server

As you may notice, recently we made a small server, x5 Modded Server

You can read more about this server in our Home page.

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