Server update | New Plugins | New…. | UPDATE #7

Hello survivors!! We changed the server a bit 🙂 We also changed the wipe circle from 1 week to 2 weeks, and from the next update we will make the map bigger. This is something we want to test, maybe we will keep it maybe not…

Join our Discord Server to be closer to us and give us feedback.

Now you will earn more RP if you kill animals but less when you kill AutoTurrets.

Bear: 20 RP
Boar: 15 RP
Chicken: 15 RP
Horse: 15 RP
Stag: 15 RP
Wolf: 20 RP
Bradley: 80 RP (It may not work)
Helicopter: 80 RP
Scientist: 15 RP
Other Players: 30 RP
AutoTurrets: 20 RP
AK: x1.5
Bolt: x1.5
Crossbow: x2
SMG: x1.5
F1 Grenade: x2
LR300: x1.5
M96 Pistol: x2
M296: x1.5
MP5A4: x1.5
Rocket Launcher: x3
Satchel Charge: x2
C4: x2
0m – 49m: x1
50m – 99m: x2
100m – 199m: x3
200m – 299m: x5
300m – 399m: x7
400m + : x10

We really understand you when you have to build a big base and you have to add 30 or more doors with Code Lock and you have to put your code one by one… That’s why we added this plugin! Read /help in 3rd page for more info!!
We also added a command that you can upgrade or downgrade your whole base with one command. Use /up # to upgrade or /down # to downgrade. In # you can put number 1 for wood, 2 for stone 3 for Metal and 4 for Armored.

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