Hapis Island!! | Fix some bugs | UPDATE #4

Hello Prisoners!! Yes now you are prisoner in our new map Hapis Island.

Did you know Hapis means Prison in Turkish?


Anyway the server is Wiped, and for the first time we deleted all your friends, we did that to fix some bugs with turrets.

We disabled Outpost’s and Bandit Camp’s Vending Machines. We are sorry for that, but it’s not fair to buy with scraps in x1000 server 🙁

But for those players who want Chainsaw and Jackhammer in our Store ‘/s’



Don’t ask, just do it! We post PromoCodes every 5 hours, with PromoCodes you can get Random Free Gifts! RP, Items, Kits or maybe something bigger!!


Sometimes we will give Gifts to all players. Remember those gifts from Christmas Event? We changed them, and now they are better, If you have free space in your inventory you will not take your gift, and you will not take any message, so maybe it’s better to have always one free space but maybe not, it’s your choose!


VIP+ and VIP now can spawn cars with not problem! Type ‘/spawncar’ and a car magical appears in front of you!

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