Wipe is coming | New Reward System and Random Free Gifts!! | UPDATE #3

Hello to all players! This Server’s Update will be available with the upcoming Wipe at Thu 18 Oct.
We added few more stuff and we updated the Rewards System.
If you notice you did not earned RP when you killed Bradley APC, this is not something that we could fix so we decide to change the Reward System.
Now you will earn RP when you kill animals, it’s not lots RP but it’s something.

The new Reward System is this:
Auto Turret: 50
Bear: 5
Boar: 5
Chicken: 5
Helicopter: 80
Horse: 5
Scientist: 15
Stag: 5
Wolf: 5

Make sure you have joined in our Discord Server
We will post Random PromoCode. With PromoCodes you can win RP, Items, Kits or something bigger!
When you will see a PromoCode in Discord, you must type in game chat ‘/redeem {PromoCode}’ if you are fast enough you will win the Random Free Gift, this gift can redeemed only by one player, the fastest player. If you do not win a Gift it’s ok, maybe you will win the next one!

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