Wipe is coming | We added some things | UPDATE #2

Hello!! This Server’s Update will be available with the upcoming Wipe at Thu 11 Oct.

We have added a lots of things! And this map will be 3000 Size.

We added Rewards, that’s mean you will earn RP when you kill the Helicopter, Bradley APC, Auto Turrets and Scientists. We may change the RP you get when you kill them.

Now you will get 50 RP per hour (VIP/VIP+ will get 100) We did that because now you will earn more RP with killing things.

When you vote for us you get 150 RP now.

VIP/VIP+ Will have the ability to spawn Cars every 30 minutes, this is still in beta because we want to see if 30 minutes is good cooldown.

The Teleport’s cooldown now is 3 minutes (was 2 minutes). VIP/VIP+ Players Will be teleported 3 seconds faster. Normal players have to wait 15 seconds for tpr and 20 seconds for home. VIP/VIP+ Players have to wait 12 for tpr and 17 for home. We may change this too, we don’t know yet.

You can easly see all online Players with a command ‘/players’ you asked for that and we added it!

If you type ‘/wipe’ you will see something different, we added the time for the next wipe. All next wipes will be at around 19:00 CET including this one.

And we changed the restart time, now we restarting the server at 05:00 CET. In that time we have less active players, that’s why we change it.

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